Oxford PAT 2010, Question 23



2 thoughts on “Oxford PAT 2010, Question 23

    1. Hi Akhil, thanks for your question.

      Why is the pan loss 50 and not 70? Well, actually the answer says that the pan loss (in temperature) is (50-ΔT). We can see where this comes from by thinking in more detail about what happens to the pan and the water: the pan starts at 70C and it is dunked into water which is at 20C; the pan is going to cool down and the water is going to warm up, so when equilibrium is reached it will be somewhere between 70C and 20C; if the water warms up by ΔT then the equilibrium temperature will be at (20+ΔT)C, so this means that the pan will have cooled down by (70-(20+ΔT))C, which is (50-ΔT)C.

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