Oxford PAT 2013, Question 19



2 thoughts on “Oxford PAT 2013, Question 19

  1. Would it be incorrect to draw the interference pattern with the intensity in the centre of the two slits as having a higher intensity as the ones next to it and so on and it being symmetrical about that middle point. So if you were to draw a curve joining the peaks of every curve you would get a bell curve?

    1. Hi James. Good question. If you actually do Young’s double slit experiment, the intensity of the bright patches turns out to be pretty constant, so I wouldn’t draw it in the way you have described.

      But if you look at some very similar situations you will find that you do get the kinds of effect you describe. If you want to really understand the details, this link is a good one: http://web.mit.edu/8.02t/www/802TEAL3D/visualizations/coursenotes/modules/guide14.pdf, but that goes way beyond what you would need for the PAT and, given that the exam is in a couple of days, I would maybe look at it after …

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