Oxford PAT example papers

PAT papers from 2015 on do not have a multiple choice section.  Instead, there are more short questions.  The examiners released a new example paper for 2015, mostly using the questions from 2014 but with a few new ones to replace the 2014 paper’s multiple choice questions.  The answers to the new questions are here:

Question 10

Question 11

Question 16

Another point worth noting is that one of the answers to the old-style sample paper is wrong. In question 9i, you are asked for the probability of throwing a six given two dice, and the answer given is 1/6, which is wrong. If you consider throwing two dice in sequence (call them die 1 and die 2), in order to make the score add up to 6, die 1 could be a member of {1,2,3,4,5}, where each of these outcomes has probability 1/6, and for each of those outcomes there is a 1/6 probability of throwing a number on die 2 such that the two numbers add up to 6. Therefore the total probability of throwing two dice that add up to six is 5/36.