Oxford PAT 2015 example question 10



5 thoughts on “Oxford PAT 2015 example question 10

  1. Hi, will it be useful if I do this sample paper after going through 2015 and 2014 paper? also, can you recommend any ways to prepare for PAT if I have studied from this website, i.e. any questions similar to PAT? i feel like i have studied but somehow I still feel I am not confident for this. thank you!

  2. is this a 2015 sample paper? Where can i find it? i cant find any smaple papers besdies te 2009 one its not on the oxford site either

  3. Comment from Ali (copied from front page).

    I think the answer to Q10 on the 2015 Specimen paper is pi/3?? (Arccos(1/2)=pi/3)

    Thanks Ali — of course you are absolutely right. Stupid mistake.

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