Oxford PAT 2015, Question 16



4 thoughts on “Oxford PAT 2015, Question 16

      1. But if you have v1 = 5/3, then the total momentum after the collision is 1×5/3 + 2×1/3=7/3, which is not the same as the momentum before the collision, which is 2 Ns. I think you forgot the coefficient of 2 in the equation below where you say “momentum is conserved”, and so the answer is 4/3.


        1. Yes I should’ve fixed the answer earlier to clear this up. The error is in the line above, which should read: “When vā‚‚ = 1/3, vā‚ = 2 – 2 x 1/3 = 4/3″. That is, the answer is right, but I wrote down the derivation wrong.

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