Oxford PAT 2015, Question 19



11 thoughts on “Oxford PAT 2015, Question 19

  1. Hey for the last part: can you talk about the effects of air resistance which will reduce the K.E of satellite which will slow down the satellite which may cause the satellite further away from the centre of earth?

  2. Hi, thanks so much for your solutions.
    Why do you not need to include the radius of the Earth for the first part of the question? (i.e. v=[GM/(R+r)^2].) Is it because the circular orbit of radius r includes that already?

    Thanks again!

    1. Yes exactly right, I am assuming that the radius of an orbit is given from the centre of the object that we are orbiting around.

      Maybe that’s interpreting the question’s wording wrongly, but if the examiners meant differently they should have said an orbit of ‘altitude’ r.

      If you used the other interpretation (that r is the altitude) then I’m sure it’s right as long as you stick to that consistently.

  3. Hi. I understand all of the solution however I think it might be missing one part. At the start you write that your expression for [Force]=[Acceleration] however since F=ma shoudl it not be that [Force]=M[Acceeration]?
    Thanks for all the solutions

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