Oxford PAT 2016, Question 4



2 thoughts on “Oxford PAT 2016, Question 4

  1. while i did this question, i answered it 5 as it is the 5th term in the expansion which is independent of x. But as the mark scheme puts it, the answer is 495, something which i was taught to be called coefficient. am i getting this wrong or is it some misunderstanding of terminology?

    1. In maths, a ‘term’ is actually a value, so in this example x^12, 1/x^24, and 495 are all terms.

      As you say, if you take the terms in a certain order, then 495 is the 5th term — in this case the number 5 would normally be referred to as the ‘index’ of the term or even the ‘number’ of the term. But actually I don’t think the test will ask you for this — and if it does it will make the request very clear. If a question just says “what is the term …” then just give the value.

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