Questions about Calculus

Calculus: differentiation and integration of polynomials including fractional and negative powers. Differentiation as finding the slope of a curve, and the location of maxima, minima and points of inflection. Integration as the reverse of differentiation and as finding the area under a curve. Simplifying integrals by symmetry arguments.

Answers to calculus questions

2010, question 6

2011, question 8

2011, question 9

2012, question 1

2013, question 4



4 thoughts on “Questions about Calculus

  1. Hi, I was just wondering what exactly is the breakdown for the calculus topics. For example, I saw a problem once where implicit differentiation is required, but it is not stated above. I am an international applicant and I only just started AP so I am learning on my own and it feels kind of vague from the above…

    1. Hi Jacob. Yes you are right the syllabus is stated rather vaguely here. The syllabus does talk about polynomials, though, so I think you should know how to do implicit differentiation insofar as it is useful for differentiating polynomials of more than one variable. More than that I’m afraid I don’t know, but you should review the questions to get an idea — one of useful things about the past papers is that there is a reasonable amount of commonality in them.

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