Questions about Geometry

Geometry questions tend to have various recurring themes: spotting or constructing similar triangles, finding areas of complex shapes by subtracting areas of simple shapes, and using symmetry.  It is worth getting familiar with all these techniques.

Answers to questions about geometry

2010, question 2

2010, question 5

2011, question 3

2011, question 4

2012, question 4

2013, question 10


2 thoughts on “Questions about Geometry

  1. Hi. Thank you for this excellent site. Do you perhaps know of any resources that offer questions similar to these (not just geometry; Maths in general). The knowledge required is pretty basic but the structure of the pure Maths questions is quite challenging, and unfortunately there aren’t many past papers. Do you know another source of similarly styled questions?

    1. Hi. Glad you like the site. If you are looking for more practice papers, I’m told that the Maths Olympiad questions are worth looking at, but I haven’t looked at them myself, and I think that if you do all the questions in all the past papers, you’ll find you’ve done quite a lot of practice.

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