Questions involving ‘Problem Solving’

Problem solving: problems may be set which require problem solving based on information provided rather than knowledge about a topic.

This topic seems to involve describing some real life situation, often a slightly bizarre one, in such a way that you can write down and solve a set of simultaneous equations.  If you get familiar with these questions you should find them pretty simple, and if one comes up it will be around five marks in the bank.  But notice that there have been no such questions in the last two years: maybe people were getting too good at them.

Answers to problem solving questions

2010, question 22

2011, question 25


2 thoughts on “Questions involving ‘Problem Solving’

  1. Thanks for the effort you put into this website it’s extremely helpful. I tend to find I struggle with these types of questions, is there a general approach that might make these easier to tackle?

    1. I wouldn’t worry too much because they haven’t come up for several years, and I suspect they have been ‘discontinued’. No guarantees of course, but I’d be surprised if you get one of these.

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